Friday, September 15, 2017

Shelter yourselves, for now the storm doth rise.

I was all ready to go with neat little weekly post ideas, and then BOOM: Hurricane Irma comes to town.

My brother and parents and I spent last week frenetically prepping, all while stores were selling out of useful things like food, water, batteries, and plywood. We emptied the room under the stairs (which we call "The Harry Potter Room") to be our safe room, emptied the pool, did everything we could...then comes the waiting.

I've been in Florida my whole life, including 2004 when we got walloped with back-to-back hurricanes. This was infinitely scarier. I don't usually feel fear. Panic and anxiety, sometimes, but not real fear. I was really afraid last Sunday night. I slept downstairs in the living room, and I'm not sure which was scarier: the sounds coming from the chimney, or the sounds coming from the roof upstairs. The pool overflowed (luckily, my brother had procured sandbags that took most of the water and kept the living room from flooding), tornado sirens went off, the wind absolutely howled and screamed, the glass shook. It was a legitimately scary night. 

But we came through okay. Very well, actually. We lost one big tree and a few smaller ones, but sustained almost no damage to the house. We were without power for two and a half days, but that's NOTHING compared to some people (some of my coworkers are going on day 5 of no power. And the worst part is the lack of air conditioning. Florida in September is HOT). We were lucky. 

So anyway, now that that's over...I hope to post more regularly. My family and I are vacationing in Georgia next week (it was going to be Sanibel, but they are still without food and power), so hopefully I'll have some good pics to share if nothing else. 

Painting of Hurricane Irma by Gina Fote. 

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