Saturday, April 14, 2018

Goodbye, everybody. I've gooot to goooo....

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Things That Happen When You Announce You Are Deleting Facebook:
  • People act like you have died. Or are actively dying. This is the closest I will ever get to attending my own funeral, and it's epic.
  • People try to convince you not to do it, and the reasons are not that great. Like, there are memes all over the internet. And "likes" really mean nothing. These are not reasons to stay.
  • People are proud of you and want to join you.
  • People you haven't heard from in years are suddenly interacting with you. This is not always bad, though. 
When did Facebook becoming equivalent with EXISTING?? It's so hilarious to me that getting rid of an APP is suddenly like cutting yourself off from the world. This was not a thing when I was growing up, it wasn't this way even ten years ago. When did this happen??

Anyway, I'm off it now. Buh bye, Zuckerberg and "likes" and FB drama! 

PS: Nothing is permanent and I may well be back. But it'll be nice to go back with a clean slate and none of the garbage of right now holding me down if/when I rejoin in the future. For now, this is good. 

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