Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What's in my bag?

Wayyy back in the day, I used to follow all these Livejournals and Tumblrs about "What's in my bag?" wherein people would show highly artsy photos of what was in their bag. I live for this stuff. I guess I'm a total voyeur (I also followed all these weird blogs where people would show off their bedrooms, so...). Thought I'd do one. My bag is pretty cute. 

So my purse is actually a backpack. They call it an "ita" bag (in Japanese: 痛バッグ). "Ita" literally means "pain," and they're designed for people to show off their fandoms (aka: the stuff that pains their hearts, minds, and wallets, because JAPAN). This is the one I have, and at $15 it was kind of a steal. My only real complaint is that aside from the clear (rainbow glitter! Pics don't do it justice) window, there's only one really shallow, open pocket. I love lots of little pockets for organizing my stuff, so this just means that I have to use other bags (pics below) within the bag. That's the only real design flaw. 

Now on to the FLAIR:

2. Custom made from Wacky Buttons
6. Can't remember where I got this, but just Google search. There are plenty. 
8. Got it at Walmart.
9. Gift from my aunt
10. Carrie Fisher Princess Leia memorial pin, which was limited edition from Endor Finders. 

Of course, I have a porg keychain. Because of course.

As for all the other crap: 
my keys, my $5 wallet (got it from Walmart, but I can't find the exact one on their website), little play pack thing (I keep one of these in my bags so that I can give them either to kids I like or kids who are being bad and who need something to do, because I'm the stranger giving kids shit out of my backpack, omg), business card holder, lavender sachet so things smell nice, gum, hand sanitizer, an ancient pill case that I've had forever, pen, hand lotion, Princess Leia lip balm, Blood of My Enemies tinted lip balm (yes, really), Clinique Black Honey, Skinfood Peach Cotton compact, and Bunnicula cosmetic case, for carrying all the other stuff that does not fit in the one shallow pocket of this backpack. 

Comment if you are a) a voyeur like me, b) also hand out things to children you don't know, c) have any other remarks to make.

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