Saturday, May 26, 2018

Book review time

I recently bought My Best Friend's Exorcism, by Grady Hendrix, thinking it would be a campy-fun horror romp. If the VHS-style book cover is what drew me in, then the blurb on the cover about it being like "if The Exorcist had been authored by Tina Fey" was what sold me. 

I'd give this book maybe like 2 stars. 

Unfortunately, it read like the screenplay of a movie that would get roasted on Rotten Tomatoes (also, I'm so sick of reading books that feel like rejected screenplays). The characters were extremely flat and mostly unlikeable. Overall, it wasn't nearly funny enough to be the parody it was marketed as (tbh, it wasn't funny at all), and relied too heavily on nostalgic references and gore-gags to be taken seriously as horror, leaving it in a strange, underdeveloped no-man's land. 

Also, a family pet was brutally tortured and killed and like, I get this is a book about demons, but it was gratuitous, needlessly disturbing, and extremely unnecessary. 

Would only recommend this book if you were told ahead of time to have really low expectations. The overall reviews are positive, so it might just be me, once again, having unpopular opinions. But I like my horror either classic or campy. This attempted to be both and managed to be neither. 

10/10 cover art, though. 

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