Thursday, May 17, 2018

Here, enjoy some Bad Poetry™.

Img credit, as best I can tell

Come to me, Child, let me soothe your fears,
Whisper familiar things in your ears,
Words from songs that you used to sing,
Sweet nothings your former loves used to bring.
Ah, now, wipe that tear from your cheek,
Was it the memory of old lovers that made you grow weak?
Don't cry, Dear Child, clean up your face,
And settle down into my warm embrace.
Remember the color of his eyes?
The sound of his voice, before you grew to despise
Everything he stood for and all that he was?
Remember that feeling--just because--
Of his hands warming yours? You're always so cold.
Come closer, Little One, into my warm fold.
Remember your head on the crook of his neck?
His arms wrapped around you to keep you in check?
How safe and how loved you used to feel
Before it all soured? The kisses you'd steal?
Now stop crying! I see you're upset
With my little reminders. But you cannot forget.
Remember the sweet, sunny days of your youth?
Spent in tree houses and water and learning the truth?
Remember your friends? Their bright hair and sweet smell?
When did they abandon you to this hell?
I can see from your tears that you find this world hard,
Difficult to navigate, it leaves you broken and scarred.
And even though they left you alone and wronged,
Don't worry. I'm here to help you along.
Remember the sound of your little dog's bark?
Remember picnics and walks in the park?
How her fur would leave remnants all over your clothes?
Oh, I see you cry harder. A raw nerve I've exposed?
No, don't get up! You can't, don't you see?
You're too weak to get up and walk away from me.
Remember how once upon a time you would laugh?
How the world seemed so large, an endless paragraph
Of possibility, potential, the world at your feet
When the thought of Tomorrow was welcome and sweet?
Don't panic, my dear, it's much too late.
You're here with me now--can't change your fate.
You came here for a moment to escape the day,
How the hours crush you down, demand that you pay,
You try to rise up, to stand on your own,
But it's all too heavy. You're too fragile, sit down.
Come back here to me, I  have plenty of things
To remember to you, memories yet to sing.
Remember you chose this, by your hand you have wrought
This deep, dark pit in which you are caught.
I didn't trap you, I set no snare!
You're drowning yourself in your own despair.
Tomorrow has vanished, and Now, well, you see,
You're down far too deep for Now to be.
How deep? Maybe five or six feet...
Oh! Remember when you laid to sleep
A dear friend, he's also resting now down below
In the ground...Remember your last hello?
How you never got the sweet last goodbye?
Just let go now...go ahead, you drudge, cry!
I see my comfort has done you no good.
You're a mess, what can I say? I did what I could.
You couldn't resist coming to me for a hit,
And now it's entirely too late to quit.
Sleep now, you weak, shriveled, pitiful outcast.
And give in to the shadowy fold of The Past.

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