Friday, May 11, 2018 you smell something?

Time for a real quick product review. 

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This is a new collection from Bath and Body Works called "Mineral Co." As of right now, there are three different scents: Rose Quarts, Aquamarine, and Moon Stone. I haven't tried Rose Quartz, but I have the body spray and lotion of the other two (is anyone ever gonna address how gross the term "body spray" is? No?). 

According to their website: 

Aquamarine: a blend of ocean water, mint leaf, and wet stone

Moon stone: a blend of bergamot, muguet, and lunar musk

Aside from the obvious questions, "Wtf is lunar musk?" and "What exactly does a wet stone smell like and how does one bottle it?" I like them. I prefer Aquamarine and not just because it's my birthstone. It lasts longer on me, and as previously established, I like aquatic smells. Moon stone is a nice blend though, but it could just be that I like bergamot. On a purely vapid level, they're just pretty. Highly aesthetic. 

They're reasonably priced at B&BW, and I like them because they're definitely more complex than the usual offerings of fruity florals. Definitely worth trying. Click here to see the whole collection.

(Again: I'm not sponsored or paid or anything. Just a consumer who likes to share the not crappy stuff.)  

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