Thursday, May 3, 2018

We all need a Support Shirt.

Last month, I taught this class called Femmes of STEM, where we learned about a different female scientist then did an experiment/activity in her field of study. The kids were in 1st-5th grade. I had my last class on Monday, and this little guy (maybe first or second grade) had on a Batman shirt, so I complimented him on it. And he goes, "Thanks, this is my support shirt." So I was like, ""

And his mom explained that they're very open in their house about gender equality, so of course she jumped at the chance to come to a class about female scientists. And the little boy was kind of like, "Am I allowed to go since it's about girls? Most of the class is girls." He's not wrong, the class was predominantly female, even though it was open to everyone. And his mom was like, "Of course you can go." So he thought about it for a while and after the first class when we studied Mary Anning and how she wasn't allowed to go to college because she was female, he decided to wear this Batman shirt to the rest of the classes. His mom explained that the Batman shirt is his "support" shirt, because he wears it whenever he goes someplace and wants to support women, or to church when they're doing work for the homeless, or whenever he needs to support others. And he created this idea all on his own. This is his hero Support Shirt.

I died.

Guys, the future is gonna be okay. The kids are alright.

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