Saturday, July 14, 2018


I haven't blogged at all in the last week, and I feel kind of bad about that (but not too bad because a. Gotta limit the guilt in my life, and b. I don't think anyone's sitting here waiting for my posts with bated breath). 

I have way overbooked myself at work. Admittedly, summer is my busiest season. Parents suddenly have children home and need something free and air conditioned to do with them...enter libraries. 

This is also a problem of my own creation: I just took on way too damn much. The little individual pieces are manageable on their own, but throw them all together and suddenly I'm drowning. 

So I'm not making excuses; this is totally my fault. But this is an explanation as to why I haven't been doing anything outside of work, sleep, and moping (priorities, people). 

I did write myself a scathing letter to read next summer to ensure I don't dig myself into a similar hole next year. 

Upcoming though: some detailed posts on summer programming in case you're either a librarian who wants to replicate ideas or just a nosy reader. Or maybe a nosy librarian. 

Anyway, thanks for your readership and patience. Next up: Mixtape Monday as usual! 

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