Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Something wicked this way SMELLS.

I'm a pretty olfactory person--I can pick out different smells and notes, and "scent memory" is my strongest. So of course, I have to have special smells for HALLOWEEN. These are my favorite "spooky perfumes," almost all of which are from an Etsy shop called Red Deer Grove and its sister shop, Anam Cara Gifts

By and large, I dislike mass-produced fragrances. They all end up smelling the same with slight variations ("all florals smell like this!") and have really poor staying power (that said, I have a few favorites, of course). I've come to enjoy buying fragrance from smaller places that use higher quality ingredients. They're more unique, last longer, and I'd rather give my money to hard-working perfumers than the latest celebrity poptart, anyway. 

Halloween smells exactly how you'd imagine (pumpkins, spices, a little smoky) and one from Amazon (of all places) called "Majickal Moon" combines pumpkin and lavender. Which sounds bizarre but is actually one of my favorite scent combinations. 

I could not possibly resist either of these. Poe smells amazing...I can't really describe it other than "leafy and spicy." I like to imagine this is how Edgar Allan Poe's jacket might have smelled. It's lovely and complex, just like the author. 
And Morticia is a gorgeous smell I wear year round. It's mostly floral, but it's also...cold? It smells icy, somehow, and I like that. 

And lastly, because Dracula is possibly my favorite book of all time, I am an absolute sucker for these Stoker-themed perfumes. Mina is very's sweet and floral but really dark and woodsy at the same time (kinda like Mina?). 
Vampire Suicide smells like a burning church--I have no other way to describe it. Just really smoky which makes it inappropriate for work, but I like to layer it under other things. 
And lastly, Van Helsing may well be my favorite out of the whole lot. Kind of like Poe, I like to imagine this is what Van Helsing's study smelled like: clean cedar, smoke, bergamot, clove. It's warm and comforting and spicy and I love it. Another one I wear all the time even if it's not SPOOKYTIME.

(Side note: it is always spookytime.)

The good news is most of these are unisex, and a lot of them are more "masculine" than feminine. They come in small bottles that are either spray bottle or rollerball (your choice), and at $9 a pop, it's an affordable addiction to have. If you want to try a dark, complex, non-commercial fragrance (also if you like dragon's blood, there's a lot of dragon's blood), I can't recommend them highly enough!

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