Monday, November 19, 2018

"Every time I try to make you smile you say that I'm being a child. Well I tried my best."

This is an older song (apparently it was on Gossip Girl?) but I just discovered it. I knew about Zee Avi before because she did this heartbreaking and sweet Christmas song  but this one is different from her usual quirky, Jack Johnson-esque, happy "I ride a bicycle and wear vintage hats" vibe. 

(I have no idea if she wears vintage hats or rides a bicycle, but that's the sort of manic pixie dream girl I've always imagined her to be.) 

And then she goes and does this and it's poignant and sad, and she looks like some kind of goddess or statue come to life. Love it. This definitely qualifies as a "banger" in my book. 

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